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Focused on amplifying the voices of youth in our community , BTBSN Jr. is the youth division of BTBSN. BTBSN Jr. gives youth the creative freedom to express themselves while also providing training in media production.


Club BTBSN Jr. 


Our after-school program combines civic engagement, community development, and property development education  with music, media, and mental health in a unique way that students enjoy.

Program Foundations


Our program emphasizes that there is more to music than just rapping or singing, by introducing audio engineering foundations that instruct students on how songs are made from the very first beat selection to mixing and mastering. 


Students learn how to safely operate media production equipment and receive staff guidance along the way. We provide Photo and Video editing instruction to get students started on their path towards content creation

Mental Health

Mental wellness is at the center of everything that we do, especially with our youth! Our program incorporates one-on-one mental health sessions and group discussions on various topics to educate students on how to maintain mental wealth!

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