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Unveiling October: What's the Word on Creativity, Community, and Connection

Hey, fam! October is here, and you know what that means - a brand-new edition of "What's the Word," our monthly newsletter packed to the brim with all things creative, community-driven, and downright inspiring. So, grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, and let's dive into the dopeness that awaits!

September Highlights: Reliving the Magic

September was nothing short of spectacular. From engaging community events to thought-provoking discussions, we had our hands full with amazing moments. Whether it was celebrating local talent or delving into crucial conversations about mental health, we made memories that will stay with us forever.

Exclusive Content: Retell Therapy and Shed sESZions Live

We're super excited to share that Retell Therapy and Shed sESZions Live can be watched exclusively on The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network's Facebook page. These live sessions are all about raw conversations, soulful music, and the power of storytelling. Tune in for a genuine, unfiltered experience that will leave you feeling inspired and connected.

Creative Spotlight: Shining the Light on Our Talented Creatives

This month, we’re turning the spotlight onto the incredibly talented creatives within our network. From musicians and artists to writers and filmmakers, their stories are as diverse and captivating as the creative projects they produce. Prepare to be inspired, motivated, and utterly impressed by the sheer talent that graces our community.

Upcoming Events: Mark Your Calendars!

We've got some seriously cool events lined up that you won’t want to miss! Be sure to pencil in the dates and join us for an unforgettable time. For a taste of what’s to come, follow us on our social media handles for event announcements and updates.

Join Us and Stay Connected

Feeling FOMO kicking in? Don't worry; you can catch all the action by clicking the button below to visit our facebook page.

Be part of our vibrant community, engage with fellow creatives, and immerse yourself in the dopeness of art, music, and mental health advocacy.

That's a wrap for this month's newsletter, fam! We hope you enjoy diving into the incredible content we've prepared just for you. Stay inspired, stay connected, and most importantly, keep spreading those positive vibes. Until next time!

Keep vibin',

Ishara Henry

Media Partner

The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network


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