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On the first Wellness Wednesday, we did yoga and some stretching. It was fun and relaxing too! It felt good because I got to stretch out my body and everything. We did a little meditation too. My body felt great and relieved after. I haven't done any yoga since the pandemic started so this was a great start for me. Hopefully, we can do the yoga session again next Wednesday. The best part about it was that I got to do it with my Co-workers/ friends.

The next Wellness Wednesday, we did Arts and Crafts. It started a little awkward because this girl Aaleah had the nerve to ask if my mom's boyfriend was my boyfriend, I was cracking up like "why would I date a 50-year-old man?" But yeah we did some Arts and Crafts, Ishara was painting a colorful picture, Aaleah was coloring in a coloring book, and I was making a vision board for someone special in my life. While we were doing our crafts, we talked about online predators, how they can sometimes harm us mentally and emotionally, and how we can stay safe online.

We also talked about how getting into relationships at a young age can sometimes get in the way of your life. Staying safe from online predators is important because let's be real, you might think that you're talking to a very cute and attractive boy or girl with an amazing, dope personality when really, you end up talking to a dried-up old man or a desperate, decrepit housewife with nothing good going for herself. But all jokes aside, please stay safe online everybody. I think what Wellness Wednesday is about is coming together as a family, spending time together, and getting to know each other a lot more as Co-workers and friends. Being the only Youth Intern there, I don't look at Ezsquire, Aaleah, and Ishara as just people I work with, I look at them as my role models and friends. I really enjoy doing Wellness Wednesday and hopefully, we can have more in the future.

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On Monday, October 25th I went to Trace Brewing with Eszquire Harris and Photographer and BTBSN's studio manager, Ishara Henry, to help DJ this event called, “For The Artists: A Night Of Networking.” At first, I thought it was just another bar but when I started looking around, I realized that It was also a nice little cafe where people come to hang out. The inside looked dope as hell, and the walls of the place kinda reminded me of the inside of a firehouse. There were tables and chairs all around, I saw lots of different types of alcoholic drinks behind the cash register like B&J, Vodka, Beer, Whiskey, etc. I also saw this pretty, big pride flag hanging from a pole attached to the ceiling. I also saw a lot of people dressed well, some people were wearing some pretty snatched and swag outfits while others were dressed in comfortable, casual tank-tops, denim, and sweater outfits.

DJ Eszquire was playing some awesome and dope remixes. A lot of people were dancing and jamming while others were sitting down and talking to friends but still jamming and having a good time. I was behind the DJ stand with Esquire, watching him DJ. If I could explain what the music sounded like It was kinda a mixture of R&B, Rap, Pop, some mix of Digicore, and more. And there were other DJs there as well, like DJ Aesthetics and DJ TayWaits. DJ TayWaits was one of my favorite DJs there. That woman had so much damn energy! When I mean energy,I mean she was up and moving around the stage. God her energy made me get up and start dancing. The outfit that she was wearing looked so damn great on her. She was wearing this blue furry coat over a black two-piece outfit and her make-up was on point too.

I also saw these two amazing, talented artists there as well, JM The Poet and LiveFromTheCity. I loved JM The Poet's performance because he mixed poetry and rap together. I remember when he was rapping and singing about Deja Vu and being successful, but when he started rapping about following your dreams I felt inspired and encouraged.

Even though I've been told to follow my dreams so many times in my life by so many people, I still felt a sense of confidence and encouragement. When JM was performing he was pouring his heart into what he was saying. LiveFromTheCity was another artist that was there too. I enjoyed his performance because I saw that he was so confident in what he was doing. The way he was rapping and using his creativity to hype up the crowd. His perfomance was aesthetically amazing and what I mean by creativity is the way his rap flow fell in place. It was really in sync with JM The Poet.

There was also a raffle that night. People won prizes like microphone sets, photography sessions with The BlackteaBrownsuga Network studios,T-shirts, gift baskets, and more. Unfortunately, I didn't win any prizes but either way I had so much fun. The music was great, I got to hang out with the crew, and more importantly, I got some inspiration and encouragement out of that night. I'm really happy that I had this experience. What I've learned from that night is that life is way too short to be worrying about things that don't matter but I also learned that giving up on important dreams or things you wanna do in the future is never the answer.

Oh yeah, and can we please give Maddy Lafferty and DrivingWhileBlackRecords some credit and praise for producing and planning that fantastic event? I'm pretty sure it took lots of collaborating and support to put that night together, so please show them some love you guys.

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Youth have the opprotunity to be part of all parts of the process of land acquisition, even the clean-up! They did it with excitement too! Seeing the roots and other foliage descrease day by day as their imaginings and aspirations for this lot unfolded, what will it be? we're so excited to share what we have in store #treehousecafe

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