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"The People's  Voice"

"We are a place for creatives to Network and share resources as we provide opportunities for them to share their voice."

-Eszquire Harris, CEO

Join us and our Community Partners to help our community. 

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The Birthing Hut

The Birthing Hut is a platform which highlights matters within the birthing community, prenatal and postnatal. We provide education, resources, advocacy and SUPPORT.

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Pittsburgh Brown Mommas

Pittsburgh Brown Mamas' mission is to provide Black moms in the region with positive socialization opportunities and to connect them with the resources and information they need to raise happy, healthy adults.


Crowdfunding 0% interest loans for small businesses in the Pittsburgh region via Kiva. The Kiva Pittsburgh initiative is managed locally by program partner Riverside Center for Innovation.

Community Forum

This is a place where everyone has a voice, and we want to hear it. Share your thoughts, opinion, ideas, interests amongst our virtual community and network with individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs who want to help amplify your voice!