About The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network

This is our PURPOSE!

The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network is a force in giving a voice to the

people through LIVE interaction on our weekly live shows. These

shows cover a variety of faith and non-faith based topics reaching

audiences from pre-pubescence to adulthood. Topics include

psychological and physical health; sex and relationships; political

awareness and influence; social issues and the media; faith and

religion; parenting and the judicial system; and the list goes on.

Hosts gain knowledge, insight, and suggestions on highlighted

issues from the viewers, through LIVE feedback, which helps the

BTBS community take action.

We are "The People’s Voice" and our mission is to educate, inspire, and equip the community with knowledge and skills needed to achieve success. To be a force in giving a voice to the people.


The BlackTeaBrownSuga Network is a community foundation recognizing global issues, bringing awareness to how they affect the community, and providing solutions. We strengthen the community through community service, workshops, and weekly live shows which initiates the conversations needed to share, educate and develop solutions as a community.

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Social AnxieTea Host

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